Safer, Faster, Smarter Technicians

  • Delivering work and safety instructions.
  • Capturing relevant field data in real time.
  • Enabling efficient collaboration, on your smartphone and wearables.

SmarTECHS Solutions

  • Improve Safety.
  • Boost Productivity.
  • Increase Compliance and Quality.
  • Reduce Liability.
  • Speed Up Knowledge Retention.

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Transform paper processes into digital workflow in minutes

SmarTECHS proprietary App Editor allows your organization to securely and cost effectively transform paper processes into digital workflows, in the form of Standard Operating Procedures Apps.

Our App Publisher will enable your organization to easily distribute them to technicians’ mobile phones, tablets or wearables, and monitor work progress in the field in real time.

Context Relevant Content

SmarTECHS delivers unsurpassed level of Context Relevant Information by seamlessly connecting all existing data feeds to a unified ecosystem.

Structured and unstructured data are aggregated, organized, categorized and distributed to smartphones, tablets and various wearables.

Specific, steps by steps work and safety instructions are delivered to technicians based on work order, SCADA data, equipment status, equipment type, location…


Field Technicians visualize instructions, capture field data and collaborate hands-free.

SmarTECHS’ wearables are rugged, voice activated, allow voice to text dictation, and operate in noisy environment with state of the art noise cancellation technology. They are designed specifically for industrial applications.

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Unleash the Power of Industrial IoT

Totally Agnostic System Enables Big Data Analytics with Scalability and Superior Security.

SmarTECHS backend is powered by a proprietary supervisory platform to connect all existing systems to a unified ecosystem.

All variables, including task-level field data, are recorded and stored to allow big data analytics. Now, finally, you can benchmark your technician’sperformance at a task level, and drive transformational productivity improvements.

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Efficient, Cost Effective Deployment

  • Deploy in a few days
  • Digitize your processes in minutes
  • Limited training needed
  • Low startup costs, and pay as-you-use
  • Limitless scalability
  • System agnostic

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